Services for Get Your Business Online are listed below.

Domain Name Service

What is a Domain Name? A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. We find you a domain name that reflexes your business niche. The correct domain name will help your customers identify your site as something of interest. For instance, my domain name which reflex the business I am in, getting local business online. A good domain name helps with SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Website Design

We design and create your website. The website is optimised using SEO techniques so it is seen by search engines. The content readable and engaging so the potential customer. 

Google My Business

Your business is included into Google My Business, which is very import, especially for local traffic. The account will is optimised with your website.

In the example below GW Yeomans is ranking top in Google My Business and Organic Search for the search term “Scrap Collection” with the website

Linking Strategy

  • We provide quality link building services. This is to ensure an authoritative brand image.

Website support and Google Anaytics Service

Using Google Search Console, the website will be monitored and the indexes (Web Pages and content) submitted to Google.

The indexes will be submitted to Bing and Yahoo


Reputation Management

Manage your reputation online. Google loves a good reputation. To keep a good reputation you have to have a system in place to get your customers to recomend you, like you and to rate you. Your reputation can be reuined because of one bad customer review. Turn your reputation around with the help of your other customers.