Local lead generation is a method used to increase customer enquiries with the use of internet. We will optimise your online presence, locally, by directing traffic to you via a lead generation website.

My History:

I started working in the Information Technology (IT) industry back in 1979. Computers were massive in the 70s. The computer rooms were as big as a 5 a side football pitch and air-conditioned. I started work in operations, moving into software support and then computer programming in the late 80s. The systems I worked on were IBM based systems used by manufacturing companies running ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning). Working on Customer Order, Purchase Order, MRP Material Requirements Planning) Shop Orders, Inventory and Just in time (JIT).

I worked with the internet market back in 2002 where I supported businesses building websites. I learned various skills starting with HTML, CSS, Schemas JD-SON, Google Adword Campaigns (Now call Google Ads), Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Site Maps.

Next  was to create Mobile friendly sites using Twitters Bootstrap components.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are the way forward regarding maintaining the contents of a web site with WordPress the market leader.

It is all about analysing your local competitors and drawing up a plan to get you at the top of your local search. Thats my job.